Stainless Steel Pickling

Real-world fabrication, welding and handling of stainless steel components will leave surface contaminates. These contaminates, including weld oxides and embedded particles, negatively affect stainless steel’s natural ability to resist corrosion. While Passivation is intended to remove free iron and surface contaminates, it is ineffective at removing existing oxidation, weld oxides, scale and heavy contaminates.

Pickling utilizes more aggressive acids than those used in passivation. The chemicals utilized for Pickling of stainless steel are capable of dissolving oxidation, weld oxides and scale. Pickling is used extensively to clean and prepare stainless steel fabrications for service within demanding environments. Without pickling, stainless steel fabrications will not resist corrosion as they are engineered to do.

Miracles Technologies has performed pickling treatments on corrosion resistant materials with excellent results since 1980. We have the capacity to pickle components of all sizes. Miracles Technologies will perform pickling passivation treatments in compliance with your industry or company specific chemical passivation standard.