Stainless Steel Polishing

Miracles Technologies is a highly regarded company in the field of Stainless Steel Polishing. We has the knowledge, ability and staff to handle any size, shape or quantity of parts.

The first step of the electropolishing process is inspection. Miracles Technologies inspects each part for damage, material compatibility and cleanliness. Every part is cleaned before the electropolishing process is begun. Miracles Technologies’ facility has the necessary tooling and equipment to perform the electropolishing process and measure the component`s surface in micro inches/micro meters (RA). The micro inch measurement can be taken to the single digit level. We has automated tooling for small parts, greatly reducing the cost to the customer.

We know that the only bridge between you and our polishing service is an introduction and that can be accomplished by telephone, fax or email. Miracles Technologies will be there for you and your company if you only make the connection.